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Ceduna offers travelers quite a few points of interest. Whether you are traveling between Perth and Adelaide, or just holidaying, you will appreciate the relaxed lifestyle this area of the west coast offers. The area has plenty of water based activities, but within the region there are also lesser known but fascinating and unique granite formations. We think Ceduna is more than just a rest stop for Nullarbor travelers.


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During the summer months a popular swimming location is Alexander's Beach. Located just 300 metres to the north of Ceduna's jetty, Alexander's Beach facilities include a shade shelter. This beach is conveniently located a few minutes walk from Ceduna's main shopping street where you will find a number of coffee shops and fast food shops. Another popular location is next to the Ceduna Sailing club located a few hundred metres south of the Ceduna Jetty. Here visitors will find grassed areas and a moored raft out from the shore. Along the foreshore travelers will also find some playgrounds for the kids.


Ceduna Jetty - A popular fishing location

Well there's no shortage of fish in the Ceduna area (:-) Ceduna abounds with plenty of opportunities. Commonly caught species include Salmon, King George Whiting, Tommy Ruff and Garfish. With access to a boat Snapper and Snook can also be caught. Within Ceduna the most convenient place to drop your line into the water is the Ceduna Jetty located on the foreshore. Four Kilometres away is Port Thevenard - also a great place to catch fish. Within the Ceduna area a number of rock fishing and beach fishing sites are also popular. Some sites include Decres Bay, Laura Bay, and Ocean Beach which requires a 4 wheel drive.

Blue Swimmer Crabs

Local delicacies

During the summer months Blue Swimmer Crabs (Pelagicus Portunis) can also be caught using crab nets - a definite popular delicacy with both locals and travelers. Once caught, popular methods of cooking crabs include boiling, poaching, steaming, microwaving and grilling. Please note: female crabs bearing eggs must be thrown back into the sea. Perhaps the best locations to catch Blue Swimmer Crabs are the Ceduna Jetty and nearby Denial Bay - located 12 Kilometres from Ceduna. Crab Nets can be purchased at a number of shops located on Ceduna's main shopping street. Just ask a local where to buy them if you need advice.


Puckridge boat ramp is the most popular in Ceduna.

Ceduna has a number of boat ramps suitable for boating enthusiasts. On the Ceduna Foreshore a boat ramp can be found about 80 metres south of the Ceduna Jetty. Midway between Ceduna and Thevenard is the area's main boat ramp, and the one most used by Ceduna locals! At the Puckridge Boat Ramp you will find 4 launching points for your boat. Prevailing winds in this area of the West Coast are from the west and southwest, with the winds picking up as the day progresses. With access to a boat you will have no trouble picking up a decent haul of fish. You should ask a local for advice regarding fishing locations and bait.


A plate full of Pacific Oysters - a local delicacy. :)

At nearby Denial Bay and Smoky Bay you will find quite a few Oyster farms. These farms grow Pacific Oysters in local pristine waters and are the basis for a thriving export industry. Tours can be arranged. Oysters are also commonly sold in the local fish shops, hotels, the Oyster Bar located next to the quarantine checkpoint, and at other eating establishments around Ceduna - so there's really no need to miss out on a plate full! Each year during the October Labor day long weekend Ceduna holds its Oysterfest. During the 3 day event many thousands of oysters are consumed and the town then rests content for another year. Visitors should book accommodation early.

Ceduna's National Trust Museum

Ceduna National Trust Museum - located on Park Terrace

Ceduna's old school has been converted into a National Trust museum. Inside you can view exhibits relating to the area's local history and pioneering past. The Ceduna National Trust Museum may not be for everyone, but if you have more than a passing interest in local history this museum may well be worth a visit for an hour or so. The Old Schoolhouse Museum is located on Park Terrace - just around the corner from the Shell Roadhouse. Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 10am to 12 noon, Wednesday from 1pm to 4pm, and Thursday from 10am to 12 noon and 1pm to 4pm.

Endeavour Walking Trail

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A great way to while away a couple of hours or so is the Endeavour walking trail. The starting point for the walking trail is by the Ceduna Sailing Club. From the Ceduna Sailing Club the trail follows the coastline and terminates at Pinky Point Lookout - located in Thevenard. From Pinky Point Lookout you will have good views of Thevenard's Port and Saint Peter's Island. Its also possible to go for a walk along the Thevenard Jetty and there's a good chance you will see ships loading wheat, gypsum or salt. Endeavour Walking Trail can also be used as a Bicycle Path and it makes for a great way to burn up a bit of excess energy.

Head of Bight

Head of the Great Australian Bight - nearly 400 kilomtres west of Ceduna

At the Head of the Great Australian Bight you will see the majestic Bunda Cliffs. Stretching 200 km towards the Western Australian Border, these 70 metre high cliffs struck explorer Edward John Eyre with their chilling beauty. From late May to early September the Head of Bight is also a nursery ground for Southern Right Whales. Visitors can also view an exhibition detailing the breeding behaviour and migratory habits of these rare Whales. If you are crossing the Nullarbor, the Head of Bight is a must see that also presents a great photo opportunity. The Head of Bight is located about 300 km west of Ceduna and 20 km south east of Nullarbor Roadhouse.

Pildappa Rock

Pildappa Rock - 18 Kilometres northeast of Minippa

Pildappa Rock is a unique Inselberg wave form structure located 18 km northeast of Minnipa. Composed of Pink Hiltaba granites, Pildappa Rock makes a great site for serious photographers. Features at Pildappa Rock include a giant wave form - said to rival the Hyden Wave Rock found in Western Australia, gnamma rockholes, decaying granite sheets and tafoni structures, If you're heading to Perth or Adelaide this detour from the main road is highly recommended. Minnipa is located 200 km east of Ceduna, and add on another 18 klometres to Pildappa. Undercover shelters, free barbecues and toilets make for a great picnic spot.

Murphys Haystacks

Murphys Haystacks - 140 Kilometres from Ceduna

Murphy's Haystacks is located about 140 km southeast of Ceduna. Murphy's Haystacks are another unique granite formation within the local area. Features of Murphy's Haystacks include Tafoni structures which make for great photographs when the light is right. Murphy's Haystacks can be accessed by following the Flinder's Highway for approximately 40 kilometres past Streaky Bay. You will then need to turn right onto the Calca - Point Labatt Road and after travelling 1.6 km along the road a picnic area will become visible. Well worth a rest stop if you are travelling anywhere along the west coast between Port Lincoln, Streaky Bay and Ceduna.

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